Top 5 Instagram Photo’s of the Week

calendar 02/12/16
Welcome to Kingpin Travel's Top 5 Instagram photo's of the week! Every Friday we will update our selection of great photo's. The Instagram photo's we choose will be our user submitted…
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Movies That Will Make You to Travel

5 Movies That Will Make You Want to Travel

calendar 30/11/16
Do you ever feel like just getting up and leaving everything at the drop of a hat to go explore the world? We've selected 5 movies (well 4 movies &…
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5 of the Best Suites in Las Vegas

calendar 28/11/16
When people think of Vegas, they think of high-rollers, celebrities and extravagant luxuries. We put together a list of 5 of the best luxury suites in Las Vegas. Each suite…
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5 Great American Beer Cities

calendar 24/11/16
We have put together a list that is sure to be helpful for any beer lover planning their next trip. If you're looking to taste some local craft beers from…
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5 Tropical Wedding Destinations

calendar 23/11/16
Looking for dream wedding destinations?  Find your perfect wedding destination from 5 beautiful destinations by reading below. 1. Hawaii The Soares Wedding by Justin De La Ornellas - CC BY…
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bachelor parties

5 Great Places for Bachelor Parties

calendar 21/11/16
Friends and family alike love to throw bachelor parties for their soon-to-be married friends, it's a way of sending him off into married life with one last blow out. While…
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Christmas at Rockefeller Center by petercruise  - CC BY

5 Fantastic Family Holiday Destinations

calendar 09/10/16
If you're looking for a great family holiday for the upcoming holiday season, look no further. While the holidays are a great time to relax with family and many people…
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Hot Air Ballooning

10 Must Do Bucket List Travel Activities

calendar 04/10/16
What's on your travel bucket list? Do you have one yet? Ever wondered what should even be on it? Not to worry, we've got you covered!   We have put together…
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Tokyo Sushi at its Finest by Jeff Nesanelis  - CC BY

10 Amazing Culinary Cities

calendar 27/09/16
One of the most exciting things about travel is being able to explore and taste all of the local culinary options. Often, many of these are items that travelers have…
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Chicago International Airport  by N i c o l a  - CC BY

10 Interesting Travel Facts

calendar 18/09/16
In our ongoing effort to provide you with as much travel related information as possible (and to help you plan your next great vacation) we have collected a few interesting…
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